Thursday, June 6, 2013

Someday soon gonna happen...

dilemma -5.6.2013- 

...Getting up early in this morning, a phone call that might change my entire life, perhaps. 

All day, hearing voices, telling me that I should make a wise choice, do something right. I don't even know if I should listen to my mind or my heart. Sometimes, I just want to disappear.

Each day that passes, your choices will come and go. Choosing to live your life by your own choice is the greatest freedom you will ever have. A question popped up suddenly. "If you were given only one choice: To choose or not to choose, which would you choose?" 

Again, I want to disappear.

I remembered once in class, my tutor asked me to relate myself with something. I said STAR.
Because I knew I'm born to shine. Another times, I was lucky enough to be chosen to have what I wanted. Then I told myself have to be prepared when opportunities knock. 

And today, knocked. Obviously I'm not that well-prepared yet. Listening to the whispers that curl into my head tonight.

Life: Let's go with the flux. 


笨雞 said...

"Because I knew I'm born to shine."
I simply love this phrase.

Have confidence in yourself, and go ahead and shine.

all the best.:)

anthony said...

Life should go on as planned, the flux is not my thang.