Monday, July 15, 2013

in Bangkok...

I like wandering out at night, light are mesmerizing, especially when it rains. After saying goodbye to Sam (a Taiwanese), the first traveler met in this trip, we headed back to our budget inn. Yes, I said "We". Believe me, this time I was not alone. 

The very first photo with my travel partner also my best old friend, Cassey at bus station, while waiting for the air-conditioned orange colored bus No.59 to Khao San Road. Noted that we had boarded on the wrong bus for the first time and then we walked back to the starting point again to wait for another one. Reminder for those who want to go Khao San Road from Don Mueang Airport, please wait for the air-conditioned orange colored bus with No. 59 at the bus station outside the airport. I repeat, bus No. 59 with air-conditioned, ORANGE in color. The journey took around one and half hour.

If you like to see something difference from downtown city in Bangkok, then this is the place. Most of the backpackers will stay in the budget inn here and it becomes a crowded area especially for tourist starts from 6 in the evening. The street is surrounded with restaurants and street hawker stalls where the perfect place for cheap and nice local food. Take the chance to try the weird insects like fried grasshopper, maggots, cricket and scorpion which always seen on TV show. And finally, be prepared for it to be loud and crazy as soon as the sun goes down as there are lots of bars along the street. 

Khaosan Baan Thai, the inn we stayed for 2 nights located 15 minutes walking distance from Khao San Road. I was drenched in sweat when arrived with my 10 kg backpack. Anyway, everything worth it! I love this home especially the bathroom. You’ll know.

Cassey had heard of the overpriced tuk tuk drivers here in Bangkok but surprisingly we met a kind driver (we both assumed) who willing to bring us around and stop at some “interesting” places, including Lucky Temple, a jewelry shop and a tailor shop. Believe it or not, the whole journey only cost us RM2 per person. Again, worth it even though we knew those places were not really matched our poor identities.

Wat Arun, the temple of dawn, we actually had no chance to enter as it closed at 6pm and the rain started to fall. We sat under a roof, watching the raindrops, waiting for the rains to stop, could do nothing.

“Where are you from?” a guy in front of us asked. 

Still remember the Taiwanese traveler I mentioned on top? Yes, he was Sam. We talked. Then me and Cassey leave when the rains was getting ligher. Met Sam again on the boat back to the opposite land from Wat Arun. Hence, we decided to ask him for dinner together. Every city has a Chinatown, so did Bangkok. We had our dinner together in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Still raining…

Flashed back. 
At LCCT airport, the same corner, waiting there alone. All of those memories during my first Philippines solo trip and Bali Graduation trip flew back in my mind. Nostalgia hit me everywhere. The feeling of strange guiltiness engulfed me as spent too much on traveling instead of earning. Thus I found some words to comfort me after that:

#Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, so...

Take a break, buy a ticket, pack a bag, catch a wave, make new friends, fall in love, discovered what matters, have a great time.

Voyage, voyages...


笨雞 said...

For the kind driver part, that is actually a fraud. The driver can claim petrol vouchers from the shops that he brought you to. Thank God that you didnt buy anything as the goods from these shops are low in quality. I dropped into this trap too during my last visit to Bangkok.

it's good that you see it positively,but the truth is always ugly.

darrenoway said...

That's what I thought too. But still a win-win situation for me and my friend to kill time as we didn't lose anything at those shops. hahaha... so do you like Bangkok?

笨雞 said...

i love bangkok.i seriously think it's a good place to stay when we get old.
good people.
good food.
good place.