Sunday, April 14, 2013

[People I Meet] #1

#1 Bryan Madera from Boracay, Philippines. -31.3.2013-

 Shot on the LC-Wide with Lomo X-Pro Slide 200 film.

I can't believe I meet Bryan so soon again in KL since our first met in Boracay last October.

He was my first host in couchsurfing and Philippines as well. Unfortunately, something bad happened during my stay with him. I lost my cameras, ipod, cash and even passport during the moment we were crazy partying on the beach. 

I lost all my valuable things, but I gained the precious one. 

Glad that I still looked at the glass half full instead of half empty and enjoyed the time in Boracay as much as I could even though the next day I was really busy with the police report and the replacement of my lost passport stuff.  

Again, we had our good times in KL for Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and Holi Festival
For sure, we'll meet again, hopefully soon.

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