Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When getting lost is no longer just getting lost...

in this light and on this Sunday morning.

...I was so out of my comfort zone when eating alone. Thinking to have durian snow ice as dessert but ended up with strawberry flavour. Not my favor though, Love@FirstBite.

The feeling of warmth overwhelmed me, when a grandma taking out a check list in children's literature department at Kinokuniya bookstore and also when a man having meal with his old dad in McDonald. Even though it would be a little bit of strange when one young Indian guy approached me and asked: UNCLE, what is the time now?!

I should be happy when finally my look go beyond my age.     

I somehow wish my brain has a map to tell me where my heart should go. And the words strike my head again: you should sure on what you want, I nodded. Even when there was a map in my mind, I would get lost too as I am really really seriously have no sense in direction, not to mention how many times I lost myself, physically, in this city. I just couldn't believe that where's my courage came from when I decided to park my car in an unknown building's car park and ran out from the entrance without recognizing anything. Then I was thinking on how would I actually return back to my car during the whole interview session.

I am lucky, today.
Finally before everything ended, I met a lady. I asked if she would mind to have a small change of money for me after I have tried asking other shops that rejected my demand in the end. Surprised me when she was willing to offer me some money so that I could pay for my parking ticket.

I mean, angels everywhere, still.
Life carries on when I brought back some thoughts...

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spiritedly viva esperanza said...

I love the way you wrote this. =) keep believing, keep taking photographs.