Saturday, July 27, 2013

in Bangkok, still...

Burger King on Khao San road is actually a good place to observe the streets. Me and Cassey spent almost an hour there staring at the street, writing postcards. The reason behind we’ve loitering around there was to meet two of my lomography friends. For those who don’t know what is lomography, click here.

Back to my stories, yeah, we were going to meet two new friends but I seriously have no idea on how they looked like. I told Cassey but she couldn't care less about it, telling me that "This is not the first time that you have done it". So I expected the other side to recognize me. When going downstairs, I saw a girl dressed like a tourist, looked like a Korean. 

“Are you….Darren?”

I was shocked, not to expect that she was her, I mean she was Be, the girl I wanted to meet. I knew Be through lomography website, we shared some ideas and decided to have film swap together. After that, with no reasons, we disappeared and lose contact for some times, like never knew each other before, till the date of my Bangkok trip approached. Then we agreed for a meet up to exchange the films personally instead of postage. 

Feeling glad when Be invited one of her friends to join us. Pui is a great lomographer, with good personality that showed his humbleness all the time. I admired his enthusiasm to his job as a sport new writer and of course his passionate towards lomography. 

Photo shot by Pui, at Burger King

We talked about lomography, movies, funny moments. Good chatting time in a cafe with vintage atmosphere. 

Then we back to our hostel, packed our belongings and left. We moved to another district of Bangkok, known as Silom. I had to say that Silom definitely showed a total different side than in Khao San Road. I prefer Khao San, the haven for the backpackers of the world. 

Guess what, when we're on the way rushing to jetty, we met someone, from Spain, still remembered him...Jero! I could not believe it when I firstly saw him. He was stunted too when seeing us. I mean, the world is so small, just like how the bird crapped on me the day before. Khao San Road, a place is not only a place, but an opportunity to meet loads of people. Things happened out of the plan and Jero finally joined us for a stay in Mile Map Hostel.

The next day, me and Cassey joined another half-day tour to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It's a good place to see how people do their normal trade of fruits and vegetables and ordering and eating in and during the boat tide. On the way to floating market, the tour van we took met with a minor accident, no one was injured, luckily. That night on the same day, we saw an accident. The victim drew his last breath at the occurrence place. Death doesn't bargain.   

How beautiful every last breath of life is.  

To awaken in a strange town, realized that life still going on, was one of the pleasantest sensations in the world. Cassey and I had our last shopping hours before leaving Bangkok. At 5pm, we've on the bus heading to Phuket town. The bus journey took us almost 12 hours to reach.

A brand new journey ahead, to be continued...


笨雞 said...

the words, the pictures, and the music match perfectly.


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love this photo series