Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still in Bangkok...

"Poop..." a slight sensation on my head.

Guess what, I had been crapped on by a nowhere yellowish, liquidity bird dropping. Not smelly though, gratitude. The world is so big but the bird picked me, all in all, a lucky crapping indeed. Since then, I got a hat throughout the whole journey. 

Arriving Kanchanaburi after almost 3 hours drive northwest from the capital, Bangkok, was really exciting. Forget to mention, me and Cassey joined a day tour trip and our first destination was River Kwai. Tourists were allowed to walk across the bridge on the River Kwai and could be really close to the train when it was coming.

Then, we met Min-su and Jero. We were all on the same tour van. We firstly talked to Min-su, she is a nurse from Korea. A solo traveler. Her previous traveling experiences with friends but rushing away after a quick look made her understood that there is something not everyone appreciates and can be fully enjoyed only when one can savor it on her own. Thus, she decided to go on solo trip. Jero, a spanish solo traveler, got into our van after River Kwai. I could hardly understand his English actually, somehow his body language and face expression showed his charisma and personality.   

After River Kwai, we moved on to Thakilen station, the moment that I waited for so long. The most interesting part was the train would pass by the platform slowly and we had to jump onto the train quickly.  The experience was unique in the sense that I felt like going back time to the historical age of old trains, the compartment had all wooden seats with a cushion and large open windows through which one can gaze upon the Kanchanaburi countryside. The train slowed down near the bridge where we can catch nice views of River Kwai. A gentle reminder, please choose the left hand side seats so that you could capture spectacular views instead of cliff when the train passing the death railway.
I was too excited when the train passing slowly. Too bad I had no chance to slip into the left hand side window to feel the breathtaking views. That’s made up my mind to visit here again. And I do really want to stay at Kanchanaburi. I found a nice guesthouse over there but too bad we already booked our accommodation during the whole trip, so I had to let go. Perhaps next time?

Hmmm… for sure, YES.

We had our lunch with gang of travelers, included Min-su and Jero. The next station, waterfall. Couldn’t control myself to stay calm when hearing the relaxing waterfall nature sound. The rocks were slippery, the water was cold, regretted I did no jump into the waterfall for the first second. 

Goodbye waterfall, goodbye Jero, till we’ll meet again. 

The end of this day tour. Jero was not following us back to Bangkok as he would want to stay in Kanchanaburi. Me, Cassey and Min-su, back to the van, left.

Min-su was going to left Bangkok on that night. After arriving, 3 of us headed to Khao San Road, to have a street food dinner together, also for a small farewell to her. I still remembered the reaction and expression of Min-su when she had intention to smell and try Durian. Yes, me and Cassey kept on persuading her to try durian and her wanna try new things nature almost made her retched. Hahaha...

Goodbye durian, goodbye Min-su. 

A long day indeed, felt like plenty things were happened even the day was just our second day in Bangkok. I was sitting in front of PC at Khaosan Baan Thai, beside me was seated by Sung Sung, the receptionist girl. We chatted for a while, ended up went for a movie together, World War Z. Watching movie in Thailand was a new experience for me as we had to stand up to show our respect when the King’s song played after the trailer shown. We learnt new Thai cultures from Sung Sung. She is actually a Thai with Chinese mixed blood flew inside her body. Knowing Sung Sung made me love this home more.
What does really matter when we come as guests and leave as friends. Strangers are just a friends before we've saying Hi, I still believed.


Bel said...

无意中 闯进这里。这里很有生命力 喜欢。:——)

spiritedly viva esperanza said...

Great voyages!!! Enjoy with new friends on the way, keep traveling and enjoying this life!!!!

小七 said...


darrenoway said...

Bel- 谢谢你,我会努力生活!

Rachel- Thank you, enjoy this life so much, looking forward to meet you again.

小七- 对啊,背包的精神依然没变!哈哈。