Sunday, August 4, 2013

"P" for Phuket

Almost forgot it was Saturday.

At 5am, we arrived at our home in Phuket, Bodega. Too early for us to check in the room and hence we’ve heading to Patong beach to catch the beautiful sunrise. We missed the sunrise though, ended up killing time by building sandcastles on the beach, like a kid. Met a cute American girl, Mikiuuu.

Lying down on the couch near the window, feeling the hum of the town, read a book, fell asleep, read the book, fell asleep. Resting was the only way to get us out of our lazy state of mind after few days in Bangkok. Till the time when we could go into our dormitory.
Our day in Phuket finally brightened up when Cooper Yen, a solo traveler from Taiwan joined our dorm, which was then followed by Claudia. Since then, a bond named friendships was built between four of us and we’ve stuck to each other for the next few days. 

Yen is cool, with almost similar educational background (Biochemistry) with us. He had a lot of traveling experiences to share with. The best thing was we’ll never get lost when walked together with him, a good travel partner indeed. On the other hand, Claudia is a real laughter from Texas but worked in Korea as a teacher. But I guess she would no longer in Korea at the time I write this blog post and most probably is already busying preparing her new life in Brazil. I love her optimistic nature; especially when the time our rented motorbike was broke down, she was still holding a positive mind saying that everything happened for a reason, we might not know if anything worse would happen if the bike did not break down.

Our itinerary in Phuket began on the next day to Phi Phi Island. Departure from the pier at Chalong Bay to Phi Phi Ley Island and Maya Bay where the movie “The Beach” was partially filmed. The beach was commercialized and crowded with tourists. The tour continued hopped on to the next few beaches and eventually arrived at Khai Nai Island to enjoy ourselves like a swimmng, snorkeling and sunbathing. Personally felt that the beach and water not really satisfied my expectation. But undoubtedly, the view was the exact same on the most prevalent postcard of Phuket.

The next morning, waking up with no plan, so we decided to rent 2 motorbikes to round the whole Phuket island. The journey was fun, let me thought of the previous motorbike riding experiences in Pangkor island. Claudia tried parasailing, we stopped at the same food market twice to try local foods, sky was crying, we rode up the road which was quite dangerous to Wat Chalong at night and the unfriendly guy at petrol station. We ended our last night in Phuket, lying down on the same couch near the window. My eye was closing.

The last few hours before we left, there was a power cut at Bodega, the place we stayed. We had no electricity since 5am something. To make the matter worse, we had no water supply. So we just grabbed our toothbrush, had a quick face washing at a 24-hours fast food restaurant nearby. Leaving Phuket in this way kinda embarrassed. And of course, a scene saying goodbye to Yen and Claudia. Both of them leaving Bodega early in the morning to their own tour trip; Yen joined canoeing in James Bond Island while Claudia went for elephant riding. Life is made of ever so many partings welded together, isn’t it?       

For Cassey and I, finally, after 9 days trip in Thailand, “HOME” was where our heart is. Both of us back to the right track started our first job on the subsequent Monday after the trip. As what Claudia said, reality…

No one realized how beautiful it was to travel until he came home and rested his head on his old familiar pillow. I had been travelled here and there for the past few months but I feel like I’m just at the beginning of a big journey the life is.

The end of a trip always starts with another new one. Be ready anytime.
C'est la vie. This is life.

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很棒的照片和分享,我今天才知道原來你開了新的Blog :)